Balanced building cooling and energy performance. GROK air duct installation for cooling. GROK locating duct registers to keep equipment cool. GROK checking and calibrating HVAC and energy systems.

Efficiency and Reliability. In Balance.

GROK™ Energy Services cost-effectively restores and exceeds the original energy and cooling performance of your legacy data centers and mission-critical buildings. We tune and balance all of your building systems in a uniquely holistic, adaptable way to maximize efficiency and reliability. You’ll stay cool, save money, and get more out of every facility, today and tomorrow.

Get ready for different

The word GROK means to understand so profoundly as to become part of the observed. We think this perfectly describes the level of immersive experience, customer focus, and dedication to excellence that we bring to every job.

From ASHRAE-compliant energy audits and consultation to a range of expertly designed system optimizations, we guarantee great results.

Our fully integrated, non-disruptive approach is unique, and so are the results. You’ll get great service from a passionate team that delivers what they promise.

Airflow optimization

GROK_airflow_icon_sWe correct and calibrate existing ductwork and airflow to remove hotspots and direct cooling where it’s needed, while building in scalability.

HVAC optimization

GROK_HVAC_icon_sOnce airflow is restored, cooling capacity and efficiency can be accurately measured and settings matched to needs. This often avoids the need to upgrade.

Lighting optimization

GROK_lighting_icon_sWe’ll evaluate the configuration and efficiency of all lighting systems and recommend improvements to reduce wasted light, heat, energy, and money.

Energy optimization

GROK_energy_icon_sWe can provide a complete before-and-after energy efficiency evaluation, validating the impact of improvements and revealing even more ways to save.

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